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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Richly Textured Walls Not Just for the Rich... Faux Leather Treatment

Ok -- so I'm bored with painting walls.  Sponge painting, glazes, stripes, polka dots, clouds you name it - I've done it.  I want something different, that gives texture without throwing sand at the walls like on some TV shows we all know and obsess about.

I heard about this technique and decided to try it. It gives a rich faux leather look to your walls or whatever you decide to try it on. How, pray tell, do you do that you might ask?  With some thinned out Modge Podge and - wait for it - lunch bags! Yes, that's right those brown paper sacks we all loved to hate when children now have a much better use than holding our twinkies, ding dongs and bologna sandwiches.

Hint - Depending on the size of the space you want to try it on, you can also use brown butcher's paper.

Start by tearing (that's right tearing) the paper bags into various sizes, making sure you are only using one layer of bag.   Smooth out each piece, and lay flat, continuing until you have a selection of sizes and shapes.

Thin out the Modge Podge using a ratio of 1-1 (water to glue), and stir until thoroughly mixed.   Wipe down the wall or object to remove and dust or dirt - you want a clean surface.  

Cover a table or flat surface with plastic.  Take one piece of brown paper and apply a smooth, thin coat to the paper.  Allow the glue to soak in for a minute or so.  In the meantime - apply a thin coat of glue to your wall or object.  Take your pre-glued paper and apply to the object.  I reserved the pieces with straight edges for the corners and edges of my project so that it looked finished. Smooth the paper down, using your sponge or brush to make sure it adheres flat.  Any wrinkles in the paper will create the look of leather wrinkles - so it's ok if it looks kind of rough but you want to make sure it lays flat.

Continue in this manner, slightly overlapping each piece as you proceed. Cover the entire area you wish to finish and let dry completely.   Apply an additional thin coat of watered down glue to seal.  

This is a great effect and really looks like leather!  I tried it on a small piece of leftover drywall first and was pleasantly surprised.   I found that if I slightly crumbled the bag, then flattened it out with my hands, the leather wrinkles really showed up great and added dimension.  

I'm going to try this on a number of surfaces - will post the results so keep watching!
~ Dani

 Image: License
Attribution Some rights reserved by Lara604

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