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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Get Eggy for Easter

Tis the traditional season for giving decorated eggs. Cultures everywhere have a history of decorating eggs especially during the spring season. A symbol of renewal and birth, eggs are the perfect item to give to anyone. With so many different techniques available – they can be the Artsy girl’s (or guy’s) dream.

Traditional dyeing for example is just one way to play with the incredible edible egg. Don’t just buy the artificial dyes to decorate your eggs. They can be dyed with natural items found in your own kitchen. Simply make your own dyeing liquid by pouring 1 qt of water and 2 tbspns of vinegar into a stainless steel or glass pot. Pick the ingredient you want to use for color and put it into the pot,. Add additional water and vinegar if needed to cover it. Bring everything to a boil and simmer for about 30 minutes. The longer you allow it to simmer the stronger the color. If the color isn’t quite what you are looking for, add extra ingredients and continue to simmer. Strain the liquid into bowl or jar and cool. Then immerse your eggshells into the liquid and let sit until it reaches the color you want. You can use everything from blueberries (blue) to Tumeric (bright yellow).

Eggshells can be painted, glittered, decoupaged, carved, jeweled, beaded and filled with incredible dioramas. You name it, it’s the perfect medium for any artist. For more information on different forms of decorated eggs, spend some time on the International Egg Artist Guild website at

Happy Egging!

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