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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Quick and Easy Easter "Basket" with Googly Eyes

Ok - so I admit I'm an Easter Addict.   Not just the enormous amounts of incredible chocolate that hides in a variety of baskets and bowls, but the decorations themselves.  Is it because I'm a dedicated Egg Artist... or is my resemblance to the Energizer Bunny (or so my friends say) as I go hopping around at a breakneck pace trying to get everything done at once? The only time I slow down is when I near my craft room and something catches my eye.  Today I was lured by the site of colorful scrapbook paper and some googly eyes.  That's what I said -- googly eyes!

As I paged through pages of patterns and colors, I remembered a great little gift that a friend made for me one Christmas and that I changed (with some help from her) years ago for other holidays. Pulling it out of my files (translated means rummaging through boxes of cool stuff that could make your head spin) I decided to resurrect this cute Easter Bunny basket for this year.

By folding one sheet of large paper you can create a basket that can be filled with grass.  To create the bunny, take a piece of rectangular paper (I used white) and fold it around a large Hershey bar.  Attach the googly eyes to the front with a pink circle centered beneath for the nose.  Her years are oblong pieces of paper, with smaller pink pieces centered inside.  Cut a half circle for a hat and attach a rose and there you have it. The perfect papercraft Easter basket that can easily be mailed to your favorite person.  Who am I sending them to?   I'll never tell, the Easter Bunny would disown me!
                                                         ~ Dani

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