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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Mac App Art : Hand Colored Photo Look Made Easy

I used to love to do black and white photography (yep, real 35mm film and everything) and then hand-paint great images (and some not so great images) with photo paint to make certain areas stand out for dramatic contrast.  Although I still love my super dramatic Angel statuary series of hand-painted images, limited time and space for all those art supplies has made digitizing those efforts a necessity.  Instant gratification has its happy place in my heart (and portfolio) as well though, and I love some inexpensive Mac Computer Apps that make digital photo editing quick, easy and fun. A program that gives you that black and white, hand painted look is iSplash.  This App will take a color jpeg and turn it into a black and white. Then, you can use a "tool" to colorize sections of the image.

Here is the original                             Here is the iSplash version

The results are beautiful and print worthy. They can also be used to make personalized greeting cards, stationary, wrapping paper, or iron on transfers or anything else you want to do with your own photography.

~ Diane


  1. Oh, I just love this! I'm going through your website looking at the wide variety of projects. What an ecclectic collection of posts - LOVE it! I'm visiting from Mother Daughter Book Reviews and returning the comment love and I'm now following via GFC and FB. Glad we connected. Have a wonderful week! Cheers!

    1. Great! Thanks for stopping by and I am glad you are enjoying the blog! Have a great week!


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