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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Finding Inspiration...

Did you ever wonder where inspiration comes from?

The other evening I was folding laundry (yes, I actually do take time from my creations to do some real housework) when Leo (my other half) called me to come look out the window.  His comment was "Look at that - can you paint that?"   He pointed to a sunset so rich in color it was staggering.  Shades of blue from light to dark progressed from the horizon line, with bright yellow radiating from the setting sun. Orange and gold tones surrounded the bright yellow and extended across the horizon.  Looking further from the sun, streaks of pink and red ran across the sky with dark purple highlighting the wispy clouds.  No picture could have done this justice.

So... my question changes...what medium would you use to capture this richness.  Paint in oil or acrylic is a given, even though you'll never fully capture the vibrancy of the color.  Beads - the wealth of colors available might allow you to create a necklace or bracelet that reflects this collection of tones.  What about a landscape quilt? Fabulous material in rich textures and colors sewn together to create a wall hanging or bedspread. A handmade card created using a variety of paper in patterns that reflect the colors enhanced by glitter, embellishments and inks.  Even something wearable, knitted or crochet that reflects the tonal values of the scene.

What inspires you and how would you capture it?  Inquiring and crafty minds want to know.
~ Dani

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