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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Going Postal: Make Your Own Tin Stationary or Card Gift Box

Ok -- so I admit it - I can start a project, get bored, and put it aside for another day.  My goal this month is to actually finish some of these projects - so be prepared - there's going to be a lot of different stuff coming atcha!

Warning -- Georgia - if you're reading this post -- STOP NOW!   LOL! (as if that would really stop her!)

I wanted to make something fun for a friend's birthday - and thought about making her a set of handmade cards that she can send to her friends and family for all occasions.  I did not, however, want to just give her a nice box of cards -- oh nooooo..... I had to come up with something fancy to put them in.   I had some leftover tile pieces from a mosaic project I started (and actually finished - how about that!!) and a small metal mail box I picked up somewhere to use in a centerpiece for a holiday party.  I broke out the epoxy, a ruler and a pencil and went to work.

First I laid out all the tiles I had, and created the pattern I wanted to make on the mailbox.  After playing with that for a bit, I used the ruler and pencil to create my guides so that the tiles would at least be straight and went to work.

The trick was holding each tile in place long enough for the epoxy to grab hold before letting go.  Too soon and they slid off the side of the mailbox, to long and fingers may be permanently attached.  You can cover the entire box with tiles if you choose (or have enough leftovers) or just do a pattern as I did.

Anyway - I think it turned out cute - and will be perfect to put all the cards in. Or maybe keep.. hmm will have to think about that.

So Georgia - in case you're still reading this post -- you may not be getting this as a gift.  You'll just have to wait and see.   :)
                                                                                                    ~ Dani

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