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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Customize your LightSwitches: Easy Modge Podge Project

I recently moved into a new home and in setting up my new home-office I decided to take my private space personalization up-a-notch. Since I was going to be able to stay in this home for more than my normal 6 months or a year stint, I re-painted and considered how to funkify my office space.  While I waited for the wall-paint to dry I considered the dull, plastic light switch on the wall and thought, "I can do better."

I have seen painted and decoupage'd light switches online and they are truly the fastest and easiest art project you can do to customize a room in less than a few hours. Think about the overall style of the room decor and then collect some images, text or whatever and start gluing or painting that simply wall plate.

For mine, I started by spray painting my white plastic light switchplate a metallic iron/coppery color to match my dark "drama" wall in the room.

Since my office is where I do my writing, and my overall decor in the room was going to consist of vintage photographs, old typewriters and other related stuff like that, I decided to print out some old photos, and use an old typewriter font to print out the definition for the words "illuminate" and "darkness" since it was a light switch.  Get it? Clever huh?

I ripped the paper and crinkled it so that it looked old, and used an old photo (of myself, cause I was so cute) and applied them to the plastic wall plate with Modge Podge.  I added a final coat on top to seal the whole project when everything was in place.

The final project turned out kind of cute... a subtle artistic touch that reflects my love of language and the other vintage photos in the room. 

Get creative today, just grab that switch plate off the wall and get started!

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