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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Eggsperiments don't always work!

Easter is right around the corner… yes folks – it’s that time of year when egg artists around the world (myself included) get put their glitter and glue and work feverishly to produce fancy eggs for everyone to enjoy.  For me – that not only includes putting together the IEAG (International Egg Art Guild) quarterly magazine, but working to increase my stock of saleable eggs.

I have a problem though, and it maybe one that every artist shares (comment if you agree). I get bored!  I like to design and experiment, not do the same thing over and over.  That means I haven’t settled into one style of egg art –but play around with everything.  My show tables are definitely an eclectic mix of it all.  For that matter – so are the stores!

Lately, I experimented with a new kind of colored egg kit that I found at the local Michael’s store. It had beautiful 14K gold glazed eggs in amazing colors.  So – I thought – why not.  Bought the kit and ran home to try it.
Now the kit showed gorgeous eggs in solid colors of gold, green, violet, pink and blue, all with the incredible gold sheen.  I followed the directions exactly.  Did I get what was advertised?  Take a look……LOL.

 The solid color just would not apply evenly to the egg shell, so I ended up being creative and did a kind of sponge painting on them.  While pretty, not eggsactly what I anticipated.  

Does that mean I stopped… nope. I broke out the washi paper, inks and egg wraps and went to work…. After all – I have a table and store to fill.  

Anyone in the Rockford Illinois area can come see me this weekend (March 29 & 30, 2014) at the Rockford Egg Show and Sale.  Held in the Midway Village  & Museum (6799 Guilford, Rockford, IL), the show features some of the best Midwest egg artists displaying and selling their eggs, as well as suppliers selling miniatures and art supplies.  A great place to spend an afternoon, the show is open from 10am to 4pm on Saturday and Sunday.  Stop in and say hello.  

 For directions – here is the link to the museum ( )

Tell me what you are creating special for the holiday season!


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