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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Glitter Glitter Everywhere

All glitter is not created equal.  That’s what I have discovered lately.  In the course of creating my Christmas Holiday ornaments for this year (yes folks, I did say Christmas!), 
Winter Egg Ornament

I have been glittering my little heart out.  After all – what’s not to love about a glittering egg ornament twirling on your holiday tree – right?

White Glitter with Gold Accents
There is clear glitter, big glitter, colored glitter and glue-glitter. In addition, there is big, regular, small, fine, ultra fine and ultra ultra fine.  There is white glitter that is enhanced with slight color enhancements so that even though it goes on and looks white or clear, it sparkles with gold, green and blue accents. 

Then there’s also vintage glass glitter that is larger, hard to find and available in only a few colors like copper and aqua. (I got mine from Martha Stewart YEARS ago!)  And the colors - - ARGGGHHHHH !     How do I choose?
Velvet Glitter on Eggs

During my last trip to the Eastern Ohio Egg Art Show I picked up some new “velvet” glitter. OMG – I am in love.  It is nothing like my regular old glitter and creates this beautiful velvet look to my egg ornaments. 
But can I simply ignore my old standbys while I use this special glitter and the glue needed for that velvety look – or do I mix it up and use both?  I’m SOOOO confused.

Colored Velvet Glitter
I have learned a trick however that allows you to glitter something and not have the glitter fall off.  After gluing and glittering your item, let it dry completely, brush off any extra then apply a second layer of glue or some Mod Podge over the entire item. It will seal your glitter in and keep it from attaching itself to everything and everyone in the area.  Try it and let me know what you think.

In the meantime – I’m going back to my craft room to make more glittering creations.  Have a craft sale coming up and I think these sparkly beauties will be a hit!

Remember - there's only 76 days left til Christmas!


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