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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Introducing Homer

We've been so busy creating interesting things to share with everyone, we haven't really taken any time to introduce ourselves to you.  I'd like to start by introducing the most interesting member of our family, Homer.

Homer is a Havanese and, in the 2 years he's been a part of our family, he's entrenched himself in our lives and hearts.  Given to me by a former boss who could no longer keep him, he joined us at about 8 months old.

Technically a companion for our father (who really didn't want a companion!), he is probably the smartest four-legged person our family has ever had.  The breed is known for being gentle and, although I scoffed at the idea, not barking.

 It took 2 months before we heard a sound out of him.

I think he realized that "grandpa" couldn't hear him (the doorbell, the phone, someone knocking, etc.) and so he took to standing at the base of whatever chair Dad was sitting in and "woofing" up at him.  When that didn't work - standing on his hind legs and putting his front feet on Dad's legs along with the "woof" did. 

He is an absolute joy and has become Dad's constant companion.  When we take Homer on "vacation" or to Doggy Daycare, there's always a phone call that begins with Dad singing "Oh where oh where has my Homer gone... Bring back, bring back oh bring back my Homer to meeeeeee!"

The pictures here were taken one day when "grandpa" and "daddy" were heading to the store together, leaving me "mom" alone with our little guy.

Picture one - -- ok Mom - where did they go and why didn't they take me!

 Picture two - -  you said they'd be right back -- where are they?


  1. awwww ... Homer is a cutie!! Such an expressive face, so easy to fall in love with in a heartbeat.

    1. Thanks for stopping by... definitely a sweetie. I've heard the entire breed is like this - which is a bonus!

  2. Thanks for stopping by - he is a real doll!


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