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Monday, September 3, 2012

Craft Gadgets: Feed Your Need

 I love gadgets.  Specially crafty ones.  For example, I was at the WI State Fair recently (a gadget lovers paradise!) and came across a ribbon maker.  WOW - that demonstrator was talented... she made some incredible package decorations.  I had my credit card out and arms outstretched as Leo (in his infinite wisdom remember all the other gadgets I've purchased over the years that are sitting collecting dust) grabbed me by the waist and dragged me away.  I still wipe away a tear when I think of it.  sniff sniff  if only I had been quicker I could have gotten the website to order it!

My gadget fetish is not only limited to crafty things though.  While at the same State Fair (on the same trip) I spotted this little beauty   - the Miracle Whisk (  Just think - in only 5 seconds you can whip up milk that's just perfect for at home cappucino, 10 minutes you can make meringue or whipped cream.  Oh MY!  Even better - it's stainless steel so Leo HAD to let me buy it.  LOL  (it's still in the box!)

And my gadget craze is not limited to live demonstrations.  Who would have thought that the internet would allow me to indulge my addiction without even trying.  I received an e-mail about this product just perfect for scrapbooking, paper projects and I'm thinking - even my egging.  It's called the "Stamping Gear" (!.htm) and I LOVE it. It lets you use your stamps and make arched designs with them without trying to figure out placement - what could be better.  I even watched the little on-line demonstration over and over and over again.  

I'm sure I can sneak this one in the house.  Maybe it will come in a plain brown box so no one will know.  


  1. I don't know how often I would make ribbon. I saw the tool(online) & loved the idea of it & it sure would come in handy when you don't have a matching color, just to make your own. Thanks for your visit today! Have a great weekend!! @

  2. Thanks for visiting. Truthfully I still am looking at the Stamping Gear one - and the miracle whisk works just like they demo'd - so I'm 1 for 1. LOL


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