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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Beaded Wild Woman Pin: Part 2

The Bead & Button Show was incredible.  While I wandered the aisle checking out the new handmade beads, oohing and ahhing over the incredible jewelry creations that are more like art than something wearable, and happily fondling the long strings of pearls and gemstones available, my mind was churning with new ideas and creative ways to update old ones.  I picked up some patterns (just because I had to!) and a kit or two (again, same reason), along with - you guessed it - even more beads and pearls to add to my stash.  It was so hard to wait until I got home to unwrap everything and start to play.

So - here I am playing with all the cool stuff I picked up - and what do you think I grab.  Yup - the good old Wild Woman design.  And - tell me - do I use the beads and neat stuff I just purchased - of course not.  I grab my box of leftover goodies and start to combine things.  I did come up with a new design - so I suppose that's a good thing - but come on.. why not use all the brand spanking new pearls and crystals I now have spread over my table!

Anyway - here she is.  She's more of a mixed media type "Woman" with the inclusion of some great quilting fabric I had and multiple layers of different textures of yarn for hair.  She's on a long hat pin so could be used for multiple things.   Not sure what to call her- any ideas?
~ Dani

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