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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Animal Charms: A Quick and Personalized Gift Idea

I freely acknowledge that I tend to stay away from anything too cutsy.  I'm an adult and don't need to clutter my brain with the "my kitty" syndrome of small cute charms of animals that can adorn everything from jewelry to cell phone covers.

That being said... what do you do when someone you know has a birthday and happens to LOVE those things.  If you are an ATA Girl - you bite the bullet (or in this case the bead) and you make them a bunch of animal charms.   It was so easy - of course I had to make several... after all - who knows when I might need them.

Now who would have thought the there were so many animal "bead caps" to choose from - all with little matching bottoms.  There are bears and frogs and cats (oh my!).  I picked up a bunch of bear heads and bottoms while at the bead show and went to work.   All you need to make these is:

A multi-piece bead cap in an animal shape - make sure it has a post.
1 6 to 10 mm round or bicone crystal for each animal
E60 epoxy

Play with the beads to see what "fits" best with your animal head and bottom. You can change the look of the animal by switching up the size and shape of the bead you will be placing in the middle. You should make sure that whatever bead you use fits over the post on the animal head.

Start with the head of your animal charm - and place a small amount of the E60 in the post and the underside of the head. This is the tricky spot... you don't want to apply so much that it will ooze all over your bead - but you do want it to hold the bead in place.  

Slide the bead in place, making sure it is seated tightly to the top, then immediately wipe away any excess adhesive.  Allow to dry for a few minutes.

Place a small amount on the feet section and place the feet on the bottom of the bead, making sure the feet are facing forward.  If the post is long enough - it will actually fit into the indentation or hole in the feet allowing you to line the two pieces up easier.  Press together until the glue sets - then let sit overnight before attaching it to anything.

Ok - -so I admit - they are cute. Maybe I need to make myself a whole zoo!   Hmmm.

~ Dani

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