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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Eggs Eggs Everywhere and not a one to eat!

It's getting close to that holiday that makes every Egg Artist's heart go pitter patter.... Easter.  Now that's not to say that egg decorating is only for Easter... oh no - it's an all year round passion that includes conventions, shows, clubs and even an international guild.  That's right folks - Egg Art is EVERYWHERE!!!

What can you do with an egg?  (you ask innocently)  Anything you want - it just takes a bit of imagination.  There's the traditional egg decorations like Pysanky; incredible jeweled eggs inspired by Fabrege; carved eggs; beaded eggs; jeweled eggs; dyed eggs; painted eggs; eggs that are open with dioramas inside (like the old sugar eggs); eggs that are made into jewel boxes; you name it - you can do it to an egg.

Even Steampunk is making it's way into the egg art world.  Diane and I are having a back and forth exploration of the world of steampunk - as many of you have noticed.  This is my latest try.  I elaborated on it a bit, as Steampunk to the artists of the Guild (of which I am now 2nd Vice President and Newsletter editor!) and the rest of the world can mean 2 different things. I toned down a bit, added a little bling bling (because everyone loves some sparkly) and came up with this ornament just in time for the holiday.  (warning- obnoxious self promotion occurring now) They will soon be on my Etsy and Store Envy sites - links on this page - along with all my other springtime creations available for quick sale now in time for Easter! (phwww that's over with - on to the rest of the article!).

From Ostridge to Finch and everything in between, eggs are everywhere.  The White House receives one from every state, created by artists across the country, and holds a ceremony where they are put on display just in time for Easter.  So.. what does my house look like right about now?   You REALLY don't want to know - but I can show you the display on my desk!

So - what are you doing with your eggs for Easter.  By the way - you can make a really great custard with all the innerds after blowing out all those eggshells!

by Dani


  1. Hi! I'm visiting from Friendship Friday :-) I hope you'll also join me for my Friday Flash Blog on The Jenny Evolution ( Happy weekend!

    1. Thanks for visiting. Love the Flash Blog! Thanks for the invite! Dani

  2. Beautiful creations! If your like me when I make anything my scrapbook room looks like a cyclone hit. When I am being creative I need to get everything out. It usually ends up in my kitchen too before I'm done. Found you on Friendship Friday.

    1. Thanks for visiting. Yes - everything comes out - and at times I've expanded from the craft room to the living and dining room too. When those creative juices start to flow everyone in my house runs away. LOL Congrats on the weight loss - keep it up!


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