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Monday, January 21, 2013

Wood Hearts for Valentines Day

Next Stop - Valentine's Day!

Well - we covered Mardi Gras (2/12/13) last time - so we are moving on to Valentine's Day.  I decided to try something different this year....partly because - I admit - I'm bored with the normal Valentine's Day stuff.  There's only so much red, candy, and flowers a girl can take!  Also - I REALLY didn't want to take down my Christmas (now Holiday) tree.  I love the look of the lights in the window when I come home - it just lends a festive atmosphere to the house.  So - I decided to do a Valentine's tree!

I started this weekend with a trip to the craft store to purchase a bunch of die-cut wood hearts. I found the wood ones, some tin, and a bunch of different paper punches to use as well.  JACKPOT.  Breaking out my other craft supplies I started making ornaments for my tree.  

First - I wanted some garland to hang - so I punched a bunch of hearts out of patterned paper, added some glitter and attached them to some red ribbon with hot glue! - So cool!

Next came the ornaments.  I started with the wood die-cuts as they would take the longest to dry. I painted some and stamped others. I took some pastel markers and started adding color as well as putting some sparkly dots and texturized paint to give them more pizzazz. (Three of them are shown here).  I also painted then started to bead a few.   Once they are dry - I'll be adding some eye hooks to the top and on the tree they'll go.

In addition I took some additional scrapbook paper and punched all different sized hearts, that I added ribbon loops to for hanging.  I'm in the process of decorating those now. And you know there will have to be an egg or two coming.

All in all - the tree is beginning to look very festive.  As soon as it's done I'll shoot another picture and post.  Start making your own ornaments and send me a link, comment or picture so we all can see what you've come up with.

Now -- where's that box of chocolate!



  1. What a sweet and clever idea! I love your Valentine ornaments.

    1. Thanks so much - They are fun to make and any age can contribute.


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