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Monday, November 12, 2012

Art and Craft Fairs - Oh the Humanity!

With the holidays fast approaching, the number of art and craft shows are increasing.  I decided to write this post not only as a nod to fellow artists and hopefully new "ATA Girls", but as a reminder to everyone that most artists and craft people make a living from these shows and our support is necessary to keep the inspiration flowing.  With the "shop local Saturday" looming on November 24th - I would like everyone to include artists everywhere in this number. Whether at a art show, craft shop or on-line - purchasing handmade and handcrafted items help support our community.    Now that my "preaching" is over - here's some fun things!

I attended the Brookfield East High School Holiday Arts & Craft Fair this weekend (located in Brookfield, WI) and was pleasantly surprised with the large number of artisans and crafters who had booth, not to mention the number of people attending.  We arrived early and just look at the line 30 minutes before the show opened - those are some dedicated shoppers!

I found some wonderful items - some of which I can't mention until AFTER someone (Diane) receives her birthday present.  Can't spoil the surprise now can I!.  However - I did come across many wonderful artists - some of which agreed to let me feature them in today's post.

Meet - Deanna Peterson of Bright As Day Designs!   I was floored by these pieces of fabric art that she has created.  Purses, clutches, book covers and more adorned her booth in vibrant colors and designs.  Each one a separate piece of art.  In talking to Deanna the one thing that struck me was she when she told me that she was never able to do the normal art like painting or drawing - but when she started to work with fabric the inspiration just came!  Take a look at just a few samples of her work.   I specially love the "cottage" purse.  The front looks like the front door of a cottage, while the back had the back of the house and a trellis with beaded flowers adorning it! Amazing.   Welcome to the world of ATA Girls Deanna.   More of her inspired designs can be found at  Check her out!

Another wonderful artist I found at the show is Rosemary Schires.  What incredible designs she creates with beads.  I was just amazed and found myself coming back again and again just to look at her items for sale.She told me that often she is up all night with her designs speeding through her brain just waiting to pour out from her fingertips.  While she also does other art - she feels shes found her niche with beads.  I completely agree!  Take a look below.   If you are interested in contacting Rosemary - drop me a line and I'll put her in contact with you!

One final note - as with any artwork or craft highlighted anywhere on the web - please be aware that these designs are the property of the artist and should not be copied or duplicated without the artist's permission.  Hence the first time we've used the "copyright" symbol on our photos for this post. This is the way artists earn their living and "swiping" the designs and ideas from them can do serious  damage to their livelihood.  Please be respectful of their incredibly inspirational ideas.   Thanks and don't forget to shop your favorite artists for your holiday gifts this year!


  1. Thanks for sharing such goodies- I need to get moving on my holiday gifts!

  2. Thanks for visiting. Only 38 days till Christmas!

  3. Looks like a lot of fun crafty eye candy at the Craft Show! Thanks for stopping by and leaving me a sweet comment on my Decorated Clothespins. Hope you have a great week!

  4. Thanks for visiting - hoping everyone supports their local art and crafty person for the holidays!

  5. Hi! We saw Rosemary Schires' work at the Wisonsin State Fair and really admired it. Could you connect us? Thanks!

    1. Same here! I am still thinking about Rosemary's eyeball necklaces several months later. Does she have a website?


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