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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Steampunk Egg: Get it in Gear

Today's story starts a few years ago, when I asked my sister (Diane) to travel to an "egg show" with me.  I was teaching classes and needed someone to "man" my booth in the convention hall.  She graciously agreed and was instantly immersed in a whole new world of art.

The first year was kind of rocky - but at the end she said she had a good time.  The second year, after I pleaded and begged for her to go with me again, she agreed.  We also did some inspirational thinking and came up with a new kind of egg for her to create.  Something never before seen.  I cut an ostridge egg for her and she took off.  She covered it with a 2 part paint that made it look like it rusted, and put different sizes and dimensions of spikes through it (also rusted). Finally she wrapped the some bright gold wire around some spikes and added gold wire springs to the whole creation.  What a stir it created - everyone stopped at the table to talk to her.  She definitely made an impression with her first ever egg creation.
On the ride home, we started talking about other designs she could do.  She tossed an idea out that I loved.  Unfortunately - I've been a VERY bad sister and haven't sent her the eggs I promised, all cut and ready for her to decorate.  Imagine my surprise when last week a surprise turned up in the mail (it was my b-day).  She took the idea and ran with it anyway - creating something so absolutely COOL that I took it to work and it sits on my desk.   Read on for more on this incredible design.  Guess I'll really have to send her those egg boxes I cut for her now!

BTW - Diane - you are the best sister EVER --- I LOVE my egg.  ~ Dani

The SteamPunk Egg  ~ by Diane

My sisters birthday was coming up and since she is an "Egger" ( A person that decorates real bird eggs with beads and dioramas etc) I thought I would put my somewhat less traditional touch on a somewhat less traditional egg and send it to her as a gift.

"Steampunk" refers to a blend of Victorian/Science Fiction kind of Time Machine-esque fashion, accessories and costumes that feature the victorian colors and styles along with a science fictiony gears, gadgets and doodads. Easier to understand once you see examples of it, than to describe it, lovers of the movement enjoy the complex nature of "invention."

With this in mind, I began to create an egg that was to look like a copper metal machine, straight out of some kind of science fiction movie.

First I painted a wooden egg with a copper metallic paint and then went over it with black acrylic paint highlights to create hatch-doorways with rivets and a look of riveted plates of metal over the egg shape.  A quick coat of Modge Podge adds shine.

Then, using gel superglue, a tweezers and watch-part gears, faces and other miscellaneous "steampunk" bits, I began building my "machine." This was not easy for a person who wears bifocals. I dropped numerous tiny bits on the floor, or they'd shoot out of my tweezers and across the room to places unknown, but eventually, after a few days of building up a layers of gears, I was satisfied with the look.

Want one for yourself? Email me at and place your custom order. (each egg may vary slightly as they are handmade)$35 plus shipping.


  1. Thanks Dani! Following you back. Have a great weekend x

  2. Way to go, that is one brilliant egg! I love it!

    Gwen @

    1. Thanks -- Diane did a great job with it. I can't wait to see the rest of them. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Awesome project! Thank you for following my blog. I'm now following back:)

    Judys Handmade Creations

  4. I love that steampunk egg. Very cool. I'll have to look around your site some more. I'd love to follow your blog and would love if you followed mine too. I'm glad you found me!

  5. Thanks for stopping by, and man what a crazy cool looking egg! I'll be one of the ones that hangs out on here wishing I could be that creative but I'm not and that's cool but hey you may just inspire me :)

  6. hope your sister enjoys the egg very quirky yet cool

  7. Very creative!

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  8. Wow, that's really cool. Great job!

  9. I have never heard of an egg show before but after seeing these eggs I want to go!

    1. Egg shows are wonderful places to see incredible works of art - all created on an egg. They are held around the world. In order to find a show near you - check out the International Egg Art Guild ( under the "Shows" tab. Thanks for stopping by.

  10. I would of never guess what the base was made of! Great Steam-punk egg! Thanks for your visit. Theresa @

  11. Coolest egg I've ever seen!
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