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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

175 Days Till Christmas: What Are You Working On?

Do you know what I realized just today.  It's only 175 days til Christmas!!!   How could I let the time fly by so fast without at least starting all my holiday projects.  Sure, I've been busy with a full time job - writing and creating things for the ATA Girls blog and shops, planting the garden, working on the house, coordinating the charity auction for Angel On My Shoulder - but that's no excuse!  I only have 174 days left (have to allow 1 day to wrap) - even less if you consider that some of the presents have to be shipped!   ARRRGGGHHHHHHHH!!

So - know that my meltdown is over (and I don't mean the one caused by the 100+ degree temps here in the Midwest) I have to actually come up with something to make for each person.  While the possibilities are endless - I have to  consider what I've actually given to people in the past year or so.  After all I don't want people to get tired of crafty gifts.  Let's see - - cousin Trish got a painting, lots of people received decorated eggs (wish I could remember who! ), I gave Diane an afghan - or was it a scarf? I know I made jewelry - but can't remember who those pieces went to either. (Maybe this year I'll make a list.)  Not to mention the batches of cookies and breads that were sent out far and wide.

While I love to do the things I know so well... I can't help but want to stretch myself to try something different.  Last year it was the painting.  I did my first Bob Ross inspired project on January 1st and loved it.  And I could create artwork for everyone - not all have wall space for my inspired pieces of imagination. 

So, basically my options are open.  Do I want to crochet, embroider, paint, egg, make jewelry, quilt or make some kind of mixed media new thing?  Do I want to explore bead weaving (something I really want to work on) or maybe some beaded embroidery project?  I found some great afghan projects - but do I want to work on those when it's so hot outside?   I'm soooo confused!

HELP ME!  Let me hear about your possibilities. 

~ Dani


  1. OMG! Don't remind me about I have a wedding (mine) and 3 trips before then. Lord I might just go insane! lol. I sooo love the interactive art in your last post. Some of them look soooo real, it's amazing! Thanks for visiting my blog. Stop by again soon.

  2. Hi I am your newest follower and really like your blog. The interactive paintings you posted are very unique and fun to look at. Wow.. cool find.
    Another thing thanks for making me realize how close Christmas is. I love the holiday but also have alot of presents to purchase. I had better get started!! (Guess I am going to heat up the place now)
    Anyways my advice ... you can be selective with the things you make for presents. If it was me I would make jewellery for teenagers and kids, paintings for the young couple with no kids to put in their homes. And I would definitely do the quilts or crochet for the elderly people like aunts, grand-mums and friends of the family.
    Just a thought.
    Hope you follow back.

  3. Thanks for stopping by Jillian, I just "followed" on your blog and really like your site! Great advice on the gift-selection too by the way.
    thanks again for stopping by and I will enjoy reading your posts!
    Diane and Dani

  4. I say paint! Or quilt. I think quilting is rad. Thanks for stopping by Fabulous Fridays and linking up. I'm following you via GFC!

    Have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks for stopping by. Great idea... just found a couple of cool patterns for quilted items. May have to dig out the needle and thread! BTW - Diane - don't read this answer. LOL

  5. wow way to put a # on it now im stressing lol

  6. Tell me about it! There just isn't enough time to do everything!
    Thanks for stopping by! Can't wait to read your next blog post!


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