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Friday, May 11, 2012

Frame Up Your Weekend

No weekend should pass by without completing some kind of project.  No... don't laugh at me... I mean it.  While I acknowledge that weekends are packed with sports activities, kids, cleaning, errands and various other tasks that don't get accomplished during the week, those of us with "artsy" blood running through our veins can not let the chance to allow our creative juices flow all over the place.  It is how we decompress, relieve stress and re-energize our souls.  That being said -the question becomes what to do with all that creative energy.   So - every Friday I'm going to give you all some instructions and ideas for cool things you can make that won't take a lot of time.  This week - let's think Bedrooms!

Spring is the best time for refreshing any old room - and nowhere needs it more than the bedroom.  That space which is meant to be a haven of rest most often becomes the room where all the junk collects.  Take a weekend and do a quick and easy bedroom re-do that will give you the space you've always wanted.

Use wicker baskets to put away items that would normally lay out on a dresser. Make use of the space under the bed by placing some plastic containers with covers on the floor.  Change the bed linens from the warm flannel to cooling cotton sheets.  Keep it simple. Once you've eliminated the clutter, and it starts to look like a room again, that's when you can get creative.

Create your own wall art and eliminate the miscellaneous pictures standing on the dressers easily with just a few materials.  Empty out your old wood frames of all the photos and glass.  Cover a table with paper and paint the frames any color you'd like.  For example, try different colors if you want a "funky 60's" type look or paint them all black or white if you want something more formal. You can even mix and match the black and white for an "art deco" look.  Your choice, be creative.

Once all the frames are painted and dried, lay them out on a table so that you create a 3D effect. Put some on top of others.  The trick is that they should touch on at least 2 sides.

Get out some short nails or screws and your hot glue gun.  Wherever the frames touch, you should put a small amount of glue, then nail or screw the frames together, making sure that the heads of the nails or screws rest flush to the frame.  Continue until all the frames are connected together.  Now comes the fun part!

Flip the unit upside down.  In random sections, replace the glass and add photos back into the frames, fastening them normally. In some others, add mirrors or just plain solid backs.  Place nails or hangers into the wall at various intervals to hold the unit in place.  Carefully flip the unit up and hang on the wall.  Add additional fasteners to the wall where needed to secure it.  Once hanging solidly, fill the solid and mirrored sections with extra photos or mementos.

This is a great way to use up those extra frames and get some extra space on the tables, dressers or nightstands.

Another great idea for some instant art is using scrapbook paper.  Pick up some inexpensive frames and insert your favorite patterned paper.  Keep the tonal values all the same, but mix them up.  If you eliminate the glass, you have mini shadow boxes that are easily hung together in sets of 3,6 or 9 and can hold small items while still giving a classy look.
~ Dani

Attribution Some rights reserved by Foxtongue

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